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What’s something you regretted during the IB?


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Hey there!
As the May 2021 exams are going on and almost coming to end, there must be many of you procrastinating here. Plus, there are also alumni. (Hi! I get to be one of you soon!)
So, I wondered what your biggest regret during the IB was. It can be related to your IB journey, or your life outside of school (if you had one).
Let me start off with mine!
I regret overthinking during my first semester of the IB. I was so worried about how slacking off back then would damage everything in the future, expeciallu when hearing about how hard the IB would become later. I spent too much time unnecessarily worrying about school and doing well so that my IB would have a strong foundation.
It was a good decision, to some extent (see what I did there? Thanks ToK for teaching me that phrase). But little did my 2019-self know that a global pandemic would make me miss out on sooooo much for the rest of the IB. I don‘t know if I regret it per se, but at times, I do wish that I spent some of the time with friends and family before the pandemic and before having do deal with EE, and IA, and TOK, and all the other letters. It‘s important to have a strong first semester, of course, but I do wish I gave myself a nice break before dealing with such an overwhelming time.
Oh well… I hope that I’ll get to catch up on all the time I missed with friends and family, eventually. And I am definitely not going to stress out to an unreasonable nor concerning amount during uni, so I am glad that missing out had lead me to a healthy conclusion. (This is starting to sound like a cheesy CAS reflection.)
Amyways, I am curious what you guys have to say! Good luck on upcoming exams, IOs, IAs, EEs, TOK, and CAS group projects, and whatever else you gotta do!
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I'm in the first semester of my IB experience, and honestly I think I kind of regret joining. The environment of the school is great, but I moved to a big city from a tiny country town. The shift in environment was m a s s i v e, and there were a few others in similar positions, coming from Cairns to Brisbane, Chinchilla to Brisbane, and I'm from Amiens. We had to give away two of our working dogs because my parents kept coming to Brisbane to visit me while I was living with my grandparents and they couldn't work as much as they like. I also lost a lot of friends, as I essentially had to cut off all of them but one, so I was in a new environment, knew nobody, and couldn't talk to anybody about it. It's led to a lot of stress and every now and then I just shut down in a manner of speaking, because honestly this city sucks. In a small town, everybody knows everybody, roughly where they live, who they're related to and what their family does. This city everyone's a stranger and you get catcalled so much, its gross. The place smells like smog. 

Honestly once I finish the Diploma I never what to hear 'to what extent' again haha.

The general loss of everything is what I regret so far, but I've already made some great friends here, and go home every now and then. She'll be right haha.

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