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Chemistry IA HELP URGENT!!!


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I have just received a second extension on my chemistry IA. I have all my calculations down and uncertainties, the issue with my IA is that my experiment was terrible and I dug myself into a terrible hole which it looks like I can't get out of. My experiment was an acid base titration with 5 different types of vinegar (white, white wine, champagne, apple cider, rice wine), and my processed data is their pH values (the range is between pH 2.35 - pH 2.47 - not much variety and it concerns me). The vinegar did not have labels which specified the acid content in them, and I cannot simply calculate the acetic acid content of each vinegar because apple cider vinegar for example has malic acid as well. So I'm stuck with my 5 different types of vinegar and their extremely similar pH values. I have tried approaching this experiment from so many different ways, but I can never find a way to develop a scientific hypothesis and research question, so my introduction and evaluation are nothing. Please, if you have any suggestions on a research question and hypothesis that is backed by science for my pH values, or have any ideas to help I would more than appreciate it. Chemistry is my worst subject and I am definitely in danger of failing. Thank you

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