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Can anyone describe a first-hand CAS experience?

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hi, im currently in MYP5 and a bit confused about cas. i would like it if someone could explain it with examples, and support it with their own experiences. i could google it, but i want to go deeper than the surface definition. thanks <3 

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So, I'm in my second term (first semester) of CAS, and its actually quite chill. Feels like a waste of time, but quite chill. The clubs I do that I'm counting for CAS (I'll give which sector they belong to as well) are the following

CAS PROJECT - Yearbook coz yano creativity at its finest

                       - Also the semi formal

CREATIVITY - Dungeons and Dragons (run by a student/teacher)

                    - Board games club (run by a student/teacher)

                    - Debate club (self-initiated)

                    - Philosophy club (run by a stdednt/teacher)

ACTIVITY - Kickboxing (run by a student/teacher)

                - Jiu Jitsu (existing)

                - Sailing (existing)

SERVICE - Litter Picking Club

Service is one of the harder ones to account for, so try to pick those hours up first then chill.

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You do MYP so you know of Service as Action. Literally that but with more reflecting. Seriously if I can give you advice, Everything counts for CAS, your teachers are usually there to help if you can't think of anything. Also do your CAS in IB Y1. All of it. I got **** from my CAS coordinator for cramming it all, but seriously you need the time in IB DP 2 more than you need it in Y1. 

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