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School (KCISEC IB) setting random deadlines for IB students.

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We have TOK formative once every two week and these formatives have direct correlation with our predicted grades.

This week, there are both midterm exams and the TOK essay deadline. TOK deadline on Thursday, Exam ends on Friday. The exams also impact our predicted grade for IB.

We have argued many times and we asked for an extension (two day extension) so that we can focus on the exam first, however, they disagreed and said they gave us class time.

The "class time" they gave to my class was 45min only, and when we have exams we don't have the normal class schedule, which means that there are no TOK class during the week of exams. Can you finish an essay in 45min???

We talked to the DP Coordinator, IB office and the TOK teachers themselves. All of them used the excuse of "we gave you guys class time" to get rid of the topic. 

Here's the funny part

A person in the other class wrote a letter to IB office in our school and let students sign their names on that letter. The IB office in our school not only mocked us, but scanned the sheet and reprinted in A3 and showed the 10th graders just to make fun of us. 


This school is called KCISEC, I'm in here for around 3 years (I think) and the IB department just sucks here. If IBO sees this, please help. We are suffering! Thanks

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