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LangLit EE Topic Help: Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies


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Hello everyone! :D Would be great to get your input on my langlit EE Research Question. 

My current RQ is: To what extent do Lord of the Flies and Animal Farm's character progressions expose the savagery of human nature in political power plays. 


Here are my current worries: 

- Too much topics to tackle so I might focus on either the political struggle perspective of it or the savagery of human nature (I'm leaning towards this more) 

- If I focus on the savagery of human nature, what other secondary sources could I use besides Psychological Studies? Most scholar articles I found were political in nature 

- If I focus on political struggle, my concern is it would sound like an History x Langlit EE. I heard mix sub EEs do not do well. The political nature of Animal Farm is explicit and its an overdone topic so they might mark me lower. 

tl;dr: Do I keep my EE topic as is or how do I revise it? How should my method of approach/lens be so it will not be marked lower due to lack of focus on the Langlit side because of the Historical and Psychological foundations of my RQ?


Thanks much <3


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