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Switching from Math AA SL to Math AA HL


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Good Day everyone,

I was recently admitted into the IBDP school of my choosing. 
I am taking HL: Physics, Chemistry, Geography. SL: Maths AA, Eng A, Spanish B. 

I took the admissions test to take Maths AA at HL but didn't meet the mark. This is really going to affect me in the long run because the universities I plan to study at 
require Math AA at HL. 

Would it be possible for me to switch from math AA SL to HL within the first term (3 months) if my grades are high enough (say 6's or 7's)? 

And if not, what should my backup plan be? I was thinking taking an AP calculus BC exam outside of school, if that is even possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Yea it is possible, but it depends on the school how you can do it. You should talk with your ib coordinator. IB Math AA HL is really easy if you practice a lot (from my point of view). Also, which university do you want to go? It depends on the program you want to attend. 

Btw if you want to see a piece of ib math aa hl, you can see a vid I made about complex numbers (ez problems): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7u_uk5Z5e8&t=504s ( give a like :))

If you want any other advice pm me

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