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Should I choose English A or B for medicine?

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I’m from Czech Republic starting IB next year. My IB choices so far are:

  1. Czech A1 SL
  2. ??
  3. Psychology SL
  4. Biology HL
  5. Maths SL analysis 
  6. Chemistry HL

The problem is that I don’t know which one to choose for English. English B would be easier to achieve 7 and I could more concentrate on biology and chemistry, but I’m not sure if I’m not doing more harm by not taking at least English A SL and taking psychology on HL instead. Or maybe just a lot of studying by taking English A and having 5.

I want to go to med school to UK or Netherlands.

Thank you in advance.

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I have both Psychology SL and English B HL. I would advise you to avoid taking psychology HL at all cost. It is very difficult to achieve high mark in SL and I believe that it would be way harder for HL. So, from personal experience avoid taking psychology HL. English B on the other hand is quite simple and relatively easy to get high mark and universities in UK accept both English A and B except from Law. So, I suggest you to take English B cause it can be an easy 7 compared to psychology. 

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