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Pre -ib entrance I need helpppp

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I'm having pre IB entrance test less than a month , can anyone tell me a website or any book, textbook for math and English ?

I am freaking out and I need help or even sample of the test.

Or any advice ?

I would like to hear some of y'all experience.

Do you guys think is it gonna be hard?

By the way im from Denmark.

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hi . I have never been into ib pre test, i kinda received a scholarship to pursue in IB. But if anything here's some link for textbooks (im just dropping links that i found as i am not a fan of e book) https://ibresources.org/ib-textbooks/ . u can check it out

Uhm i dont have much of experience, im in my second semester. But what i can guarantee you that IB workload is something else. IB is obsessed in shaping the students as an all rounder and it can be pretty exhausting sometime (for me most of the time HAHAH)  but so far  i learned a lot. I guess if u can like yourself some challenges maybe IB for you. But lemme tell u there were a lot of times where i  regret of taking IB. because other than excel in exams, you kinda have to excel in other aspects such as Internal assesments (IA) basically like a mini research (2000 words) , Extended essay ( its like a research with 4000 words) , CAS sorta like a activity thing u need to report on, TOK. Go watch some videos on youtube about other people experience. get urself warm up before actually getting into ib. Best of luck!

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