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HELP!!! UK Universities & HL requirements

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if UK universities will still accept students/make conditional offers if I meet their overall point entry requirement (e.g. 36) but not their HL requirements? I'm planning to apply to Bath & I'm really hoping to get in but I'm not getting the scores I want rn for my HLs. I'm confident I can get above 36/the overall requirement but I'm not confident if I can meet the 766 HL mark :( So I was wondering if anyone knew if I could still apply there or have a chance at getting in if my HLs are standing at around 665/666?

I'm hoping that after my Y12 mocks, I can make up for my grades rn and get 766 but I'm still not really confident so 😕  Pls lmk if anyone knows anything ab this!


My HLS r Psych Geo & Biology

SLs are Math AI, English L&L & Chinese B Fast-track (1 yr course)

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I've been looking into this myself because I'm taking HL maths (need I say more lol). The HL scores are just guidelines for what they want, it's not required per say. It may depend on what course you are applying to, but then they would specifically say like we want you to have a 6 in HL biology. That kind of thing.


Hope that helps,


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It depends on the university. If you're applying for a popular course at a popular university, then it's very, very unlikely, for example, Medicine at Cambridge. But if you're applying for a course that is not overly subscribed to at a university that is middling/decent for that particular subject but not top 3 or top 5, then there's more wriggle room.

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