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Math EE: Non Euclidean Geometry

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I've chosen to do my Math EE on non-Euclidean geometry, but I'm struggling to be focused on my research, especially because I'm not sure if some of the topics within non-Euclidean geometry are too difficult for a high school student. At this point, I'm willing to change my whole topic and maybe just focus on an interesting IMO puzzle. Are there any suggestions for research topics?

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I've already finished my ee in maths hl also and I did it in one non-euclidean geometry figure specially. My supervisor has already checked it and he really likes it. I think that as long as you know how to develop your ideas, use a good level of maths and demonstrate that you know what are you doing you can do it in whatever you want. My first topic was an IMO problem, but I changed it since I saw better options that I could further expand and work on them. But it is still a really good topic as long as you can expand the problem to make it own. 

If you need any advice pm me.

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