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Working a part-time job while doing IBDP and high-school diploma?

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Hi everyone, do you guys think it's possible to work a part-time job while doing the IB and regular high-school?

I would still need time to practise the piano(+take lessons) and go to jiu-jitsu twice( maybe once) a week.

I have always been a straight A/B student without studying much at all( maybe like 3/4 h max for the subjects that require more learing(eg. French). But usually like 1.5h

I would pick HL English (as a second language; required at my school), HL Physics and HL Math. SL would be: Chemistry, German literature and Geography.

My school has an average IB score of 32 and a passwing rate of 99,4% so it seems like we are managing quite well.

Thanks in advance for any advice/experience!


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I think the first year you can handle it, but I see it really difficult for the second one. I am taking Math HL and Physics too. Specially for Maths AA HL, if you aren't gifted, you will really need to practice a lot, even if you are really good at it (That's my case). 

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Well, our schedules are actually quite similar. I go to jiu jitsu once every week, twice every second. Then I go and do sailing on the weekends, and every other minute is just studying. Some of my friends cut back on studying to do dance everyday for an hour, or work till 9 every night, its honestly quite subjective. If you yourself think you can work efficiently enough through your study and homework in the hours you have left, then go for it. You will be flat out, however.

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