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Extended Essay in Language and Literature A3

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Hi, I am writing an EE in Language and Literature area 3. I would like to use violence against women and how it is portrayed in the media as my topic but I am not sure if it is a solid topic. My draft question is How is violence against women portrayed in media today? I would like to look at newspaper excerpts from the Sarah Evrard case and others, while also looking at some books, possibly The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy? I would appreciate any advice on my topic or any notes!

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Hmmm. I'm not particularly well versed but I think you'd want to narrow that topic down a bit more. Get as specific as you can without sacrificing word count, you know? It's a fine topic to explore but maybe, for example, pick a specific genre of media to explore rather than media as a whole, if you can.

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