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IB Extended essay


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Hi, I'm starting with my EE in physics but I don't really know if my topic is a good topic. I don't know how to focuse it in physics.

I want to do something between the strings of a Tennis racket and how can it improve the COR of the ball.

Maybe i can check the relation between tension or the number of strings in the collision in the COR. I really don't know were to start.

Because we are in lockdown i thought about doing the experiment in Finite Element modelling. But i don't know if the IB allow that.

I got not to much info in internet neither good bibliography.

My advisor said me that the topic is not important if it's not enough bibliography, i'm so dissapointed

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Hey. It all depends on you. Your topic for your EE should be something you are comfortable writing about as it is 3000 words minimum. Do not choose a topic that you are cannot write about, it will be hard. I personally did English, so I was quite comfortable writing and COVID was not a conflict in this topic. I am not advising you to do English. What I am saying is that do a topic that is easy and comfortable for you and does not conflict with COVID. 

I hope it helps!

All the best!!

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