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EE History Research , Franco & Hitler

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Hi everybody!

So I have been struggling a little bit in figuring out what my EE research question should be as I feel like there is not enough information on my specific topic and was wondering if anybody could help?

My topic is about the relation between Franco & Hitler, and more specifically how the meeting of Hendaye affected Spain not joining WW2. I have been doing research but I feel like there is not enough information about this specific event and was thus wondering if there is another topic related to this that might seem interesting? And if any of you could help with my research question then that would be great! 

Side note: I am Catalan myself and thus think Franco is interesting to study (also have it for my final IB exam) but I think that WW2 and Hitler is more interesting and therefore wanted to look at their diplomatic relationship.

Thank you so much :)

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