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Questions about Language B orals

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Hi all,

I have two main questions. The first is 1) if we happen to want to redo the oral, will we have the opportunity to do that? My teacher has never answered this question explicitly.

The second is about idiomatic expressions. I am in Spanish B SL, and while I did notice that idiomatic expressions are listed under the mark band for the highest number of points on the rubric, my teacher didn't stress idiomatic expressions in class AT ALL. I'm not sure what experience people have here with learning idiomatic expressions, but I'm not a native speaker and we didn't cover this topic in class. I was planning to throw in one or two I learned online throughout the presentation but I simply forgot, most because no emphasis was put on this in class. Do I have a chance of falling into the highest mark band (10-12 points) for crit A, given that I was fluent in expressing my ideas and made minor grammatical errors (of the sort of using the wrong articles for some words)?


Thanks and sorry for the long question

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