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I am heavily involved in olympiad math. Any chance to make CAS out of it?

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Hey everyone!

the title already suggests quite well what my question is. I am planning to start the IBDP next year. So basically, I participate in several math competitions. I spend a lot of time preparing and I get decent results on a national level as well. So it would be quite a pity if that wouldn't count... Yes, I know, I'm going to ask my CAS coordinator, but maybe there is somebody here who has similar experience or advice. Do I really have to look for "classical ones" like tutoring/creating a blog?

Thanks in advance, if you help me!

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well I have also participated in maths olympiads but that's only an experience it's not what cas is looking for. 

C - Creativity , you must do something that help you develop this

A - Activity, just go and work out

S - Service, I created a ngo worldwide helping more than 300 business and in my free time I like to make math aa hl videos about different topics, if you can help me give me a like and comment :)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7u_uk5Z5e8


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