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stay or do normal?


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Hi! It's about time for me where I have to choose my courses for next year, I'm currently a sophomore doing pre-ib. But I'm not sure if I should continue doing chem/bio/physicis at the ib level. This year's science honors was already something that had me hanging my a thread. My grades were barely ever higher than 70% especially on tests. Now I'm stuck in the middle wondering if I should just do the sciences at normal level so there can be a higher change of me raising my grades or should I attempt and take the risk of taking the sciences at ib level?

I'm just wanting to hope that I can get higher grades and help be create a deeper understanding as I have heard that the sciences in ib level are pretty hard. 

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Hi soymillks,

I'm not sure what your thought process is exactly. However, I would only recommend taking sciences at IB level (as in HL) if you enjoy the subject(s) or plan on pursuing it in the future. 

If you are looking to take a subject based on it's difficulty, I'd like you to know that all subjects in IB (Higher Levels atleast) are pretty hard, and require time and commitment. 

Let me know if you have any further questions, good luck!

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