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Urgent - How can I improve my related rates investigation about roller skates down a hill?

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I am taking MAA HL syllabus and I'm trying to do a calculus IA on the roller skates and my draft is due in a few days. I am modelling rates of change of roller skate accelerating down a hill, kind of like motion down an inclined plane we learn in Physics. I started off by collecting data of distance and time to generate an equation of motion of the roller skate. That gave me what I assumed is an exponential function because the roller is accelerating down the hill.  To further my investigation, I tried differentiation, hoping that it would be complicated.  My aim is to suggest a modification to the hill so that I would be able to travel down faster without posing any safety hazards.


I'm afraid that this may too simple of an investigation for a HL syllabus. If anyone can suggest any way to salvage this idea, I would really appreciate it. If I can't find a way to make this work I will probably cry myself to sleep because it's the only semi-good idea I've had.

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