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Do junior year (grade11) SEMESTER 1 grades matter THAT much?

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For those who are planning to attend universities in the US, we know US colleges value grade 11 (junior) GPA/grades the most... Also, semester 1 of senior year. On top of that, they say the FINAL SEMESTER of grade 11 is most important... 

My SEMESTER 1 of junior year was.... HL: 5,6,6 & SL: 5,6,6 

which aren't the greatest grades if i wanna attend top universities. And before junior year, grades were all very strong. 


Considering that my final sem of junior year which is more important will be better (more 7s and 6s and no 5s), would i STILL have a chance with these top 10 universities? Or is this a "hopeless" situation IN TERMS OF academics? Would college admissions be okay with these 5s in first sem if i improve second sem? 



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I don't think the final semester for 11th grades are that that important, but they may have some weight over the rest of the semesters. You have to remember most college admission officers don't see your grades till they run through a program. Still, I think an improvement shows something that you put more effort in it, but It still wouldn't be ideal. Even so, perfect grades is always better than having lower grades on your transcript, so I don't think you'd get screwed over in college admissions.

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