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What is a good Maths IA topics on cars which covers grade 10 or beyond maths?

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I have just entered grade 11 in the IB curriculum. This is the 2nd week of school and the school has assigned a math IA which does not count towards the final IB score however it represents 20% of every math's grade on my report card. The math should not be lower than grade 10 level or too complex that I will not be able to understand it. I prefer to choose something from an automotive area. Any ideas? These are the broad areas we can choose from:

  • Navigation – right angle and non-right angle trigonometry
  • Building a snow terrain park – eg amount of snow required, etc.
  • Statistics (bivariate analysis) – eg correlation between a country’s healthcare expenditure and life expectancy, etc.
  • Voronoi diagrams – school catchment areas, spread of the plague, etc.
  • Finance – compound interest, repayments, the rule of 72, etc.
  • Paper sizes
  • Modelling with exponential growth or decay – eg. population growth, bacteria growth, endangered species decay, etc.
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