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What career paths/majors can I take with HL Biology and HL Physics?

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I recently talked to a college counselor at a new school in a different country as my parents wanted to move schools now. The counselor said that I won't be able to get into the science field with HL Biology and physics. I choose these two sciences as I didn't know if I wanted to go into engineering or medicine. Now, I feel that I would rather go into engineerings as biology seems uninteresting. I honestly don't know what I want to be. I choose the all the subjects I liked. My school is pretty trash in helping us out, that is why I need your help.

Would good universities accept the subject choice of HL Biology and Physics if one would like to go into engineering or the medicine field?
If yes, please could you send me the names of the universities so I could further do some research to see the university requirements. 
If not, do you think changing subjects at this moment would be greatly advisable? The teacher said this would be an issue as my grades are on the transcript already for first semester of D1.

What career paths/majors can I take with HL biology, math AA and physics?

I am so damn confused. Need advise as soon as possible. 

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On 2/5/2021 at 6:11 AM, SophieSch said:

May I as what country you just moved to/are looking at universities in?  My knowledge doesn't really go beyond the US as far as university/college is concerned so I don't know if I can help you unless that happens to be the case 😂

I study in UWC East Africa, which is in Tanzania. Now, due to the family situation my parents would like me to go to a new school in Kenya. I would like to be an astrophysicist and haven't done much research on post-secondary planning. Do universities in US accept my subject choices for this course? Also, my Mom wants me to study biomedical engineer, which is my second choice. Does this require chemistry?

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The main thing is not to rush into the choice. Because this will directly affect your work and life in general in the future. I recently wrote a written work about how the choice of a profession affects our life and how important it is to make the right decision in this matter. You need to listen to yourself, read various information, ask relatives and friends what influenced their choice. Perhaps this will help you a lot. I myself know how important it is to find your calling in life. And education is certainly very important. So it's not scary to ask for help.You can always ask something on the forum, use a reliable informative resource, or talk to a consultant. The main thing is not to make such a responsible decision alone. For example, I know how important this is. And that's why I always use trusted sources of information. Like this one: https://www.bestessay.com/. Perhaps it will be useful to you when writing papers or exams. So, the main thing is not to worry, think about everything well, present all the prospects of your choice and decide for yourself what you want first. Perhaps now it seems to you that what you like is not the most suitable choice for you, but it is important to think about where your choice today will lead you in the future. Don't be afraid to think more globally. I hope you succeed))

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