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I’m not sure about my combi...

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Hi, I’m intending to enroll in one or few of these courses in uni in the future: Architecture, Graphic Design, English Language and Literature, and Education (teaching).

Currently, I intend to take:

HL: English Lang-Lit, Arts, Maths

SL: Econs, Chinese Ab initio, Physics


I’m thinking of applying to the UK or Australia, but I’m not sure if this combination is placing me at a disadvantage. I’m even thinking of switching out Econs with History...  


The university requirements I searched are rather vague, making me think that recommended subjects are as essential as the ones stated so... 


I need to submit my Subject Combination by 12 pm Monday, but I don’t know what to do 😭😭😭

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Overall your combination looks good to me! Both economics and history are super useful subjects so I think whichever you choose out of those it will be a good option. HLs look good for the courses you are interested in for uni. 

Maybe double check with a school counsellor or teacher to get their opinion? 

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