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History or Psych EE?

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Hi everyone, I've narrowed down my EE question to something that interests me and I think I can write about but I'm not sure what subject the question best falls under. My question is, "How can we account for the inaccuracy of eyewitness testimony in multiple cases throughout history?" My English teacher said it could be history or psychology, and told me to choose. Does anyone have any tips for how I might do this? Personally, I want my essay to be psychology related but I don't know if that's the right choice. Any advice? Or what do you guys think? Thanks. 


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18 minutes ago, yungreginald said:

I would suggest doing a Psych EE on that one, history EEs tend to be more so focused on actual past events, like a certain aspect of a certain war, less about the historical method, but I'm sure I can be proven wrong.

You're right, thank you for the feedback!

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