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Physics HL vs Economics HL

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Hi, I'm currently a sophomore that needs to choose my IB courses for 11 and 12 grade. I plan on studying computer science in the usa for university. 

I have already decided to take math and computer science HL, English (group 1) and Chinese (group 2) SL.

Since I want to study computer science major, math and cs HL is required. On the other hand, I'm very bad with languages so I'm definitely taking them SL.

That leaves me with physics and economics, and idk which to take HL and which SL.

I know physics matches better with computer science but I'm worried taking it along with math and cs HL would be too much workload.

However, I'm not really familiar with economics so Idk if economic HL is really easier than physics HL.

Can someone maybe have experience with both give me some advice? Or any general comments are also appreciated. 

Thank you!

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I take economics HL and I love it but I also agree that physics HL would definitely suit your interests.

The difference between econ sl and hl is basically just calculations. You do more calculations in the hl exams than in sl exams.

Make sure you check the IB syllabuses online, I'll link them here and you can look at the differences in curriculums of SL and HL.

https://www.ibo.org/globalassets/programme-information/dp/hl-economics-en.pdf  <-- economics HL

https://www.ibo.org/globalassets/programme-information/dp/sl-economics-en.pdf  <-- economics SL

https://www.ibo.org/globalassets/publications/recognition/physicshl2016englishw.pdf  <-- physics HL

https://www.ibo.org/globalassets/publications/recognition/physicssl2016englishw.pdf  <-- physics SL


You might want to also take into consideration which teacher you like better. Maybe ask some kids who already take those classes. 

Last tip: make a pro con list. Always works.


Hope that helps!

- India

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Hi! I only take economics SL and I don't take physics so idk how useful my opinion would be for you but I did a lot of research into uni reqs + a lot of my friends want to do cs. I suggest looking into the uni reqs for unis first; if you don't hv an idea of where you wanna go, just look at the top unis (e.g. NTU/NUS/Oxford) and use them as a guideline. Maths and CS HL are notoriously difficult so personally I'd suggest taking econ HL to lessen the workload for you and potentially boost your overall.

I will say tho that physics HL is more suitable however if the uni doesn't expliclitly state that they require phy HL then I'd suggest going for econ :)) hope that helps!!

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