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Extended Essay RQ

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Hi! I am a first year IB student writing my extended essay. I had some trouble deciding what topic I wanted to write about, however I think I might have one now. It is about the role of sleep on the consolidation of memories. I'm worried that it might be too broad, I might change it to the role of dreaming on memories, but I was researching and pretty much everywhere I looked it said that there isn't any strong enough explanation for why we dream. Now I'm just confused and I'm not sure what to do.

I made a few research questions to try and see if I could lead me too something, but now i'm stuck and the deadline for the RQ is soon. 

  • To what extent does prolonged exposure to cortisol affect our ability to consolidate memories?
  • To what extent does sleep aid in the consolidation of memories?

Are they too broad? Any advice on which one I should choose or try and improve?


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