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Computer Science students!

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Hello all,

I know that CS is not a very popular, but I'm still hoping to find some CS students here. My teacher is terrible! I don't know how to study the course, there aren't any materials, the textbooks are of awful quality! I'm all set for the theoretical part of the exam, e.g. how a computer works. I am aware of compscihub.com, which is where I study the theory. I think I could also potentially manage the pure Java (my teacher has chosen option D: OOP), but I know nothing about the abstract concepts that require programming, they aren't covered in any courses. What are the methods I can use to study CS without a teacher? If there are any alumni, how was your exam? If you had a good teacher, can you share some of the materials that were provided to you? I would be extremely grateful!! It's my school's first year of teaching CS and I don't know what to do. Switching isn't at option at this point. Please help.

I'm M22.

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