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Hi guys!

 I’m a joyful (still) IBY1 kid from Europe but recently, I’ve started thinking about studying in Canada. For my first term I got ~36 and I’m taking HL Biology, Chemistry and English B (English as lang A was not available :() 
Can you tell me if Canadian universities somehow like IB international students? I’m especially concerned about UBC, McMaster, McGill and Simon Fraser University (but I’m open to suggestions as I don’t know many unis in Canada)

Plus, do you know average scores universities require? 
Is Canada going to throw me out (like the US) after graduation? 
Thank you in advance for the help, Love

Enjoy the meme of the cat because we all can relate I suppose 



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Hi Kopytekstefana,

Since you're highly interested in universities in Canada, you can look into this website https://www.universitystudy.ca/ as it is very thorough. Depending on what you want to take up in college, you can look into various programs and courses available here. Also, they list the requirements for admission (including the minimum scores and subject requirements). 

If you have one, I'd recommend talking to the university counselor at your school for further clarifications.

Good luck!

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