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History HL - Paper 3 Content Help

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My school has chosen the following topics for our paper 3: Topic 10 (Nationalism and independence in India (1919–1964)), Topic 14 (The People’s Republic of China (1949–2005)) and Topic 15 ( Cold War conflicts in Asia). What are some useful resources (textbooks, websites, journal articles, etc.) for the exams? Does anyone have notes on these topics that they are willing to share? I am having trouble finding relevant information for these topics. I have found a textbook for Topic 14 (The People’s Republic of China (1949–2005)) and a textbook that briefly addresses some of the sections in Topic 15 (The Cold War: Superpower Tensions and Rivalries Course Companion)  but both are very limited and lack detail. Also, what are the types of questions that I can expect on the exam?


Thank you your help

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