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IB SL Math IA topic feedback

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Hi all! 

Its an amazing opportunity to be on this forum amongst so many fellow IB students! For my SL maths IA, I have decided to do a statistical analysis on how HDI affects PISA exam scores with the overarching topic being if students in developed countries will do better academically on average. The course content I plan to connect it to is median, standard deviation, mean, pearsons correlation coefficient, correlation, least squares regression line, boxplots, range and percentiles/quartiles, applying it to the statistics unit that we have done. My plan is to take data from 3 different sets of years and do an analysis on each of them and then compare them with each other as well. I am interested in your opinion if this would be a decent topic that can be done well on for SL Math?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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