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Architecture math IA? Help with topic please

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On 9/20/2016 at 10:41 AM, IB Math Helper said:
The first order physics that you are talking about is fine by IB examiners (I know because I am one of them). Your concern about focusing on the Mathematical Understanding because it has the highest number of points is unfounded. In fact, in my experience of marking, this is one of the easiest to get marks for. You can double check calculations and explain why you choose certain formulae or made certain assumptions and as long as you know what you're doing, this satisfies the examiner.
What's harder to score marks on are the Personal Engagement and Reflection criteria. I find that most students struggle with these criteria and mainly score 1 or 2 points for each of these criteria. Rarely do I see full scores for these criteria. On the other hand, for the Mathematical Understanding criterion it's pretty easy to score 5/6 and with some effort even a 6/6.

Does this still hold up in 2021 with the recent changes to the rubric?

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