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I do not know with subjects to take

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Hi, I currently live in Africa and I wanted to know if my ib subjects combination is good enough to enter top Universities around the world. 

I am currently taking HL math, physics and French and SL English, Chemistry and economy. However  I am struggling with all this subjects. It is not that I have bad grades but I feel like it’s a lot of unnecessary work. I need y’all help. Do I really need to take these subjects to do engineering in College ? 

psa: I am a French speaker  so my sentences may not make sense


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Hi aby22,

I think your subject choices are a perfect fit for engineering, since the essential subjects include HL math and HL physics. However, to enter the top universities around the world, you will require top scores. Hence, I suggest you start looking into the entry requirements for the top colleges and keep them as a goal for you to focus on and achieve.

Good luck!

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