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Video games as an artistic medium for analysis

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Hey everybody,

I was looking at the Film EE subject guide and while I thought that analyzing a couple films to write about cultural impact was interesting, I was wondering if the same technique could be applied to other artistic mediums, specifically video games. Analyzing several games and talking about their cultural significance in internet subcultures or just the wider artistic themes they represent is something that I would be passionate about, but unfortunately the IBO does not have video games as a subject area the same way they have film or visual arts. When I talked to my school's IB coordinator about this they recommended I take a look at the World studies subject, with the focus being on science, technology, and society. Looking at the description for this subject though, I do not think that what I want to do really fits. The example subjects listed are almost nothing like my desired topics. 

My question is: Has anyone here done something similar to what I am trying to do? Did it work out, or should I just abandon this idea and choose a more conventional EE topic?

Reading the EE guide on this forum made me realize that choosing a topic before I chose a subject was a bad idea, but I am really in love with this idea and I do not want to let it go :(

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