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English A EE, Category 2

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Hello! I'm really stuck on my Extended Essay and want to get an A really badly, but my supervisor is of no help so I've resorted to here. I'm in my second year of IB and this is gonna be my last draft pleaasse help.
Anyway, I have the research question: "To what extent could one argue the tragic protagonists fail to meet the modern standards of fatherhood in Arthur Miller’s plays, A View from the Bridge and Death of a Salesman?" (PLEASE don't steal this, it's not even good). And so far, I have around 2700 words. In the intro, i talk generally about the two plays and briefly compare them, then I bring up what modern standards are but ehh idk it's not that sophisticated, and lastly, I say how the fathers in both plays fail and bring in a few examples. The supervisor said to bring in critiques and reviews but idk how (help??). Then, I talk about A View from the Bridge, introduce the plot, bring examples to support my RQ, analyse them, and say in the conclusion that Eddie fails to meet the standards. Next, I move on to Death of a Salesman and it's basically the same format. For my conclusion, I sum up the entire essay very briefly. Overall, it feels like a repetitive essay and I hate it. Feedback?

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