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what major can i take at uni if im taking hl business, geo, eng lit and sl math ai, spanish b and ess

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Honestly, I think you should take whatever you can see yourself doing in the future. If you select one particular major, it might most likely only need 1 or a maximum of 2-3 IB subjects you've taken as the course requirements. 

Preferably, if you would like to take a major based on the subjects you've selected in IB, your HL subjects (such as business) might be seen as most appropriate for universities. However, this may not always be the case (as I've heard that for some majors such as economics, it is not a necessity to take economics as one of the IB subjects even if one would like to pursue it for university). 

I hope this was helpful. If you'd like any additional details, do let me know :)  

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