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Well, I'd say it's probably a bit harder, but that also depends on how much you work in IBY1. I'd say if you keep on making good, ready-to-study notes in DP1 and won't have to do it in DP2 and will write at least some of the IAs in summer for example, then it's not that hard. Depends also if you're applying to unis and how much the application process takes, like e.g. if you have to write some extra exams, prepare for interviews etc., but it's definitely manageable imo.

As for the marks, that really depends on you. I don't think the content is harder, at least in my subject, but my teachers aren't doing everything in the way it's in the textboos/syllabus so that might be different with different teachers. For example, my marks in Biology and Chemistry dropped, in Biology very slightly, in Chem a bit more, but I still have 7s in both subjects and that was kinda planned as I was preparing for the entrance exams to unis in the past months so wasn't studying that much for school. But for example, my marks in Polish A or Maths are higher than last year, so I guess I kinda liked the books that we're doing this year more interesting (so I was better at them) and in Maths the topics are a bit easier imo this year (to me personally). So that really depends on person and the subjects probably. But generally if you study the same way you are studying in DP1 and don't find the content that challenging, your marks shouldn't drop. And if you find the content harder, then you can just study more for it.

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