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You can do something about terminal velocity, there are some experiments really easy. With little balls and oil you can determine the viscosity of the fluid.

You just need to apply the Stokes' Law, the archimedes principle and the second Newton's law.

Good luck, if you need more ideas I can find them

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I did my physics IA on the magnetic shielding power of copper because I was really interested in magnets. 

However, a very popular topic idea is something to do with conduction - terminal velocity is good too as emmma said, but it is also more influenced by environmental factors, which means you'll need to control more variables. Anything to do with electricity can be pretty easily controlled in a lab setting, hence the popularity of conduction experiments. Some of my friends tried experimenting with different materials and how such changes affect conduction, which is pretty simple. 

Just a general tip: Try to do something you enjoy, or at least something you're interested in. Also, I remember I was sometimes concerned about ideas being too simple, but the simpler ones are actually a good way to go (within reason, of course!) because they allow you more page count for explanation and in-depth analysis. Also, you seem to be under time pressure, so stick to the simpler ideas :)

Good luck!! If you need more help just hit up this thread. 

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