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Will i get a Ib Diploma??

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Okay so im not too good in any of my classes? but i want to achieve a IB diploma

What do you guys think i would have to get (worst case) to get the diploma? Like which classes should i focus on to get a perfect score to balance out the rest of the classes?

I have 

Tok - pretty okay

lang lit HL - not sure

Spanish Hl - very bad

Visual Arts - very good

Math sl - very bad

Biology - okay but not best

History - bad

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Okay so you need at least four points per subject (ignore TOK for this), and 24 points overall for your 6 classes. These are the minimum scores you can get to pass the IB diploma.


Looks like you are fine in art so far which is great because that is apparently a course that is a lot of work. I think probably what has happened is that you have been spending a lot of time focusing on art (as it takes a lot of time and you probably enjoy it) and not giving enough attention to your other classes that require hard work like maths and history. I'm making assumptions because I don't know you personally.

My #1 piece of advice for you right now is to talk to your teachers in the classes you don't feel very confident with and ask them how you can improve. They know your work better than anyone else at the moment. 

You need to raise grades to at least a 4. Think of it like this, just a few more months of school until IB study period for exams right? Study your butt off and work really hard (yes it is exhausting and will take a lot of time but it is worth it to get the diploma) and get the exams done. Once you have finished (which btw is in less than 6 months for you), you can be free of it :). I'm not saying you can't have a life or anything. I'm personally an athlete and spend many hours a week at training which is my passion, BUT I make the time for myself by working really hard during my classes and after school. I also recommend spending your Saturday working and then use some of your Sunday doing whatever else you need to do and then also enjoying yourself. 

Last piece of advice: use COVID-19 lockdowns to your advantage. When you're not expected to hang out as much and you have less to do and less time is spent going to and from school, WORK. Just get it done. It sucks but it will make classes so much less stressful and once you feel like you are comfortable in class and actually feel okay about being in it, you start to ask more questions naturally and you build your confidence in the topic and yourself.

(Also for maths, use the website RevisionVillage, not all of it is free but it is good). For help in your courses, make sure you ask your teachers for help, don't be embarrassed or shy, they want to help! Also, look teachers up on YouTube. I recommend looking at my teacher's bio channel. She is really clear, specific and helpful. Her name is Megan McLain and has a picture of a dog as her profile pic.


Hopefully that helped a little. Wishing you all the best and I am very confident that you will get through this ;) 

If you have any questions (or anyone else who is reading this for that matter) private message me! I know a lot as I have loads of friends and teammates who have already graduated the IB 😐 :D 


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