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I recently started on my Biology IA and yesterday finished my experiment. The topic for my IA is what is Best Way to Retain Protein within Vegetables in relation to the Amount Needed for Human. I was going to measure protein by looking for the pH (which I did tons of research on). I used pH strips and sadly I don't think they worked. My question is what should I do? I have numbers I can put into a data chart but they well DEFINITELY be off and not accurate. I know that we have too talk about human error and things that affected our experiment so should I just put that information in that section of my paper? It took me about over 7 hours to the experiment and I had to buy lots of things for it, so redoing the whole thing is kind of going to be hard since I used most of the materials. I did test the pH paper before hand and it did change color, but it didn't work for my experiment as I know that the numbers it was giving was are incorrect. I should have bought a digital reader but I knew I was never going to use a pH reader ever again, I just felt buying the cheaper option (and the best reviewed) would be a good choice. I hope I made my question clear. Thank you!

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