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I am failing IB and I need your advise on how to improve.

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Hey everyone, 

I am in my first year of diploma and semester one is almost over. I had all my tests last week and my results are out. Looking at all my grades, it is way below average. I have studied in IB all my life. I feel like MYP has not even helped me at all in DP. In MYP i got honour awards, but now in DP I am literally failing. I choose HLMath AA (4), Physics HL(1 - I did a retest and am still waiting for the results), Biology (5) and SL English Language and literature (6), History (3) and French (4). I don't know what I want to be when I grow up, so I just choose all the subjects I liked. It was a huge transition for me from MYP to DP. I find it hard to write long answer questions, especially essays in short periods of time. I know I have to improve and I have the motivation to learn and do better. 

How could I improve in each subject? Are there specific textbooks that I could use? I have bad internet at home and here, there are a lot of power cuts. 

We got this online textbook called Kognity. I find kognity annoying as it is very hard to understand. How do you guys learn the material/content?

Thanks in advance, 

Have a good day

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Hi! im sorry to hear you're failing, the same thing is happening to me too.

In regards to Kognity, it is difficult to use when you use it the first couple of times, but once you play around a little bit with it and get the hang of how it works it can really safe your life!! I usually use the checklists at the end of every chapter to revise before an exam, since it tells you exactly what you need to know for the tests.

If you really don't like kognity, I also advice you to always take notes of the important concepts you need to know for the test and try and come up with questions for each topic so you can quiz yourself. 

I hope this works!!

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Hey! I'm sorry to hear you're stressed at the moment. IB DP is difficult 😬


You have very hard courses and if it is only the first semester, you are totally fine! The IB doesn't want perfection all the time, they want to see improvement. Your drive and desire to improve will get you there, don't worry!

You mentioned that you find it difficult to write long essay questions. This part is just a matter of practice. Some school programs give you experience with them before the IB and some don't. You will get used to them super fast don't worry about that. Maybe just ask your teachers for some practice questions that you can write about. You could maybe try 1 every once in a while.

Your maths AA grade is good! It's a ridiculously difficult course that takes some getting used to. For history it really just depends how much of the reading you do I think. I've heard it is one of those reading courses where you just really need to put in the effort to understand it. If you don't absorb information from your notes or the reading, you need to find a different method that works for you. Maybe watching videos is better. 

You should be proud of yourself! Your grades aren't bad! There is room for improvement but it's already great that you recognise that and want to work hard to change them. Also, grades aren't everything, ask your teachers for verbal feedback too. This is so that you can get a sense of what you need to work on the most.


For textbooks, we use and I recommend the Oxford and Cambridge textbooks for each subject. And for maths AA, look up the website RevisionVillage. It has some free stuff on there.

In connection to the textbooks, I highly suggest looking up IB resources like "best IB resources for Biology". Look at the youtube channels and the websites. There are so many helpful sites that help me so much!


Best of luck!

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Advice my teachers gave us is to work on the subject you are really good at to balance out the ones you are not so good at. For example for you Biology (5) and SL English Language and literature (6) seems like the ones you are good at. So work very hard on those to achieve a better grade. Dont know if that made sense :)?

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