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How to score in exam

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I am in my first year (semester 1) in IB and kinda afraid of my up coming exam in 2 weeks. I'm taking social sciences (Math SL, ESS SL, Business HL, and economics Hl). Can you guys please give me some tips on how to score 36 and above. Im so nervous and I really hope my result will give a good expression for me in my IB journey. 

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I'm taking pretty much the same courses! I'm taking MAI HL, ESS SL, Business HL and Economics HL. I just got my report card back and adding it all up for how it is I would get a 36, so I can try and give you some tips. Don't be nervous! It will all turn out however it is supposed to turn out. 

1. Make sure you take notes in subjects like business and economics and maybe file them and organise them so you have everything in one place.

2. Use your weekends for reading ahead! It is really helpful to know what your teacher is talking about. I try to read and take notes ahead of time so that I can understand what my teacher is talking about. I know that I take information in quite slowly so I know what I need to do to make sure I learn everything.

3. That brings me to my third tip. Know yourself as a learner. Whether you take an online quiz to find this out or just experience different things to learn who you are as a learner it doesn't matter. What matters is that you will find out! It is EXTREMELY important to know what working environments and study methods work best for you. For example, I know that I like taking the notes on the weekend for subjects like econ and business and then watching videos for ESS and then doing practice problems for maths during the week.


I highly suggest you look up my ESS teacher on YouTube. She is amazing in my opinion! She just started doing screencasts on youtube as we are in distance learning. Her name is Megan McLain and her channel picture is a picture of her dog. And for maths my teacher is Ibvodcasting ibvodcasting. (yes the name is twice). His voice takes a little getting used to lol but the videos are quite specific and good.

With these courses you just need to put in as much work as possible to do well. I'm literally ready to collapse as soon as the winter break comes I'm so tired from school. But it is worth it. I absolutely love my classes. You enjoy them a lot if you feel on top of things.

Last thing, we have all been there. We all have ups and downs in the IB and there will be times where you feel like you are doing well and times where you don't.


I wish you all the best! Hope this helps a little.

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