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English A1 EE - Locked Room Mystery, Agatha Christie

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Hi! I'm doing an Extended essay on English Language and Literature, focusing on Agatha Christie and her novel And Then There Were None. I'm especially fascinated by the subgenre in which this book falls into, the locked-room mystery/impossible crime. I want to look into how choices made within the story and choices made by Agatha as she wrote the book contributed to developing an impossible crime. (Eg. Character interactions/how they viewed one another, and literary devices Christie employed respectively. Hopefully this makes sense.)

The research question I'm considering is: How is the locked-room mystery trope developed in Agatha Christie's novel And Then There Were None?

Is it appropriate? How could I improve it?

Otherwise, I would also greatly appreciate any suggestions about other areas of this novel I could explore instead. I'm not looking for a research question but just an area of interest that you think could be explored in an EE with this novel. Thanks in advanced for any help you may bestow upon me!

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