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Hi, I'm not sure if I'll get any replies but I have an idea for my math IA and it's something I am interested in but I'm not sure how to pose a question. I want to find out if there is a perfect BMI for athletic runners and if this score would be an accurate representation for all runners (male and females apart). That is my idea and I think it falls under the statistics side of math but I'm not sure because I wanted my math IA to be on probability but I can't figure out a way to pose the question in terms of probability. Is there any advice anyone could give me? I really just need some type of guidance to lead me to my question and I should be able to do the rest. I would appreciate any type of feedback, thank you! 

Update: I came up with a new idea or question, "Is BMI or Body fat more accurate for figuring out the average running performance of an athlete?" Not sure if that makes sense or what math I can apply besides graphs, tables, and the calculations of BMI/body fat

btw this is for math SL, hopefully it isn't too simple 

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