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Making Money from CAS- but not where I get the profits

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So my CAS project is to start a café within my school. I would essentially be creating a mini business where students and faculty are customers. However, I cannot simply run the business for free, people would have to pay in order for the business to stay running. From the profits, some of it will be used to maintain the café and the rest will be used for various causes. Another factor of the project is to provide work experience to expat students, the majority demographic in the school (in an underdeveloped country where it is uncommon for expat children to be able to find part time jobs). This is part of the service, a service to my school's community, in order for more students to be able to apply for higher education with real work experience. For this, I would of course have to pay my employees.

If they were to come work for me, I understand it would not be considered a CAS experience as they would be compensated.

However, for me running the business and executing creativity, action, and service, and making little to no personal gain, is this an acceptable CAS project??

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