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History IA or EE topic

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I have not decided which subject I will do my EE on, but I would love to do something related to philosophy (most likely related to political philosophy). Unfortunately, my school does not offer philosophy and I guess history is the closest to it, so does anyone have any experience or ideas?

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Hi, I cannot give you a very valuable advice as I have not yet received a grade for my EE, but I have faced the same problem as you have - I wanted to write something in history (the only subject available in my school close to what I want to study in uni) but make it art history connected. 
All in all, I wrote it just in history, as I have read that the IB can penalize you for not choosing the correct subject. Thus, I would say that you should be very accurate with your choice of topic - if it will be too philosophical, you will most likely loose some points. 

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