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Irregular Diploma with no science (no group 4 subject)

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Hello everyone! 
I would like to ask for your advice and to share your experience in the matter. 
Currently at the second year of IB, I have been faxing difficulties with the registration for the finals. I had to take 7 subjects to study (English B HL, Maths SL and Russian A SL as compulsory subjects, History HL, Psychology HL , Spanish an initio SL and Biology SL as required by the IB). However, I have learnt that I will have to choose one additional subject that will not appear on my Diploma. The only possible subjects for me to choose from are biology and Spanish ab initio, however, for my university application I have to study at least two foreign languages. Thus, the most reasonable opinion for me is to get rid of Biology on my Diploma. 
I know that it is only possible if the university writes a detailed letter for the IB-coordinator naming all the necessary for the future degree subjects, and even then the IB can decline the demand. 
Unfortunately, I am applying to the universities in a country where they do not know anything about the IB, neither the subject choice. So, they cannot help me. 

Has anyone already faced this kind of situation or Diploma? What should I do? I would appreciate any advice on the matter. 

Thank you! 

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