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Should I take single (w academic calc & vectors) or double credit IB math? **ASAP**

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I need some help picking my math courses ASAP. My top program I want to get in requires any three maths (MDM4U/MCV4U/MHF4U) while my other programs mainly require calc & vectors (MCV4U). I really really need high 90s to get into these programs so I'm not sure which of the options would help me. My school only offers SL math in either one. I'm also doing QUADIMESTERS this year cause of COVID-19 so ahhhhhhhhh online math!!

Option 1: Single Credit IB Math Data management (MDM4UW) WITH academic calc & vectors (MCV4UI)

^^ also have my favourite teacher in MDM so maybe a bonus??


Option 2: Double Credit IB Math calc (MCV4UW) and vectors (MHF4UW)

^^ idk any of the teachers and they probably have their favourites who were with them in gr 11

Which one would get me the highest marks? My mark in grade 11 IB advanced functions (MCR3UW) was a 90.  And does anyone know the "bump" for SL maths? 

I was planning on using my MDM4UW on my favourite program and MCV4UI for the other programs for option 1. Whereas, I was gonna use whatever one is my highest for my favourite and most of the other programs for option 2.
Thank you!!

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