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Hey everyone,

So... I'm planning on taking the IB entrance exam of St. Roberts CHS. The exam is in November, which is only a month away. I was wondering, does anyone know how it's going to go down this year? We all know COVID-19 is among us (play too much video-games) now, and there is a very high risk of getting it. From the videos I saw about the IB entrance exam, I can tell that there were a lot of people, probably even more, knowing my grade. I'm assuming that the entrance exam is going to be online, and I'm honestly really worried. I heard that they will be looking at our grade 7 report cards, I'm extremely nervous becuase of the fact that I got around 88.8 average for all of my marks during physical schooling in grade 7. My parents are always telling me that 85-95 is the worst possible mark I could get, and only 96 and above are the marks that I should get. Taking this into consideration, this means that I got the worst possible mark that I could get, and there are a lot of other grade 8 who got way better than me. My parents are constantly lecturing me about why they want me to get into IB, how they care for me and what I should be when I grow up, all of these relate to this single little exam. If I don't pass, my parents will for sure be dissapointed in me, like when I almost passed the gifted test. They for sure will look past me and to my sister, who will eventually gain all the advice from me. Furthermore, without the IB program, our marks will not be increased or exchanged into better marks, this is essential for the jobs that I want to be when I grow up. Currently, I am doing tons of PSAT test and more, but I have to admit, I procrastinate a ton, like as in I look at the answer sheet of the PSAT test and play video games when I should be studying. Even though it seems like I'm doomed, my parents always encourage me by saying that I am a smart boy, because smart doesn't mean good marks, it means that I know what to do next. At school, I get amazing marks and am basically the best of the best in my class (not to brag or anything). Even though my parents exclaim that I'm smart, it isn't exactly true because I have no idea what to do next. I have the desire to pass the admission assesment, but I don't have the courage to walk the path to success.

I apologize in advance if this is too much or too little to answer off of, but really I only know this much. I'm very much like a frog in a hole, I can't see the world, only the sky, unless I jump out of this trap (my procrastination addiction). Again, I apoligize for all these worries and words, any advice would help a lot. I appreciate you taking your time to read this, thanks a lot!

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