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Can I use writing from my Economics EE in my Math IA?

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I have already written my Economics EE on what factors have caused public transportation ridership to decline in the US in recent years .

My Math IA is currently on whether population density affects the ridership of public transportation in the US. 

As you can see, it is not the same topic but it is very similar and I was wondering if I was allowed to use writing from my EE (my own) and incorporate it into my Math IA. Would it count as duplication?

Anything helps so thank you in advance.

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Hi there!

In the IB Extended Essay Guide for Economics, the IB states:

An important note on "double-dipping" 

"Students must ensure that their EE does not overlap significantly with any other work they are submitting for the Diploma Programme. For example, the data gathered for an economics EE should not be used to fulfil the requirements of internal assessment tasks in other subjects." 

Based on this, I think you can to a certain extent, but it's better not reuse large chunks of text from your EE to your IA. I think you should consult your teacher about this just to be sure.

p.s I have attached the guide for your reference :)

EE-Econonomics Guideline IB.pdf

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