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I am confused that the IA topic I am doing is basically copying. Since I am doing database (thanks to covid-19), I realised that I needed various independent and dependent variables. I could not find a topic and had constant rejections so my sir had given another classmate's alternative topic. I have a feeling that its mostly copying since when my classmate had given me the topic, he/she also gave me a research paper for this as a resource. When I had looked through the research paper, the research question was similar to that of the research paper, with same independent and dependent variables. I had written background information using that research paper and some other sources. I can cite them to show that I haven't done malpractice, but I feel like its plagiarism cause I am not doing anything new under this topic. I thought i might do some simulation to get some data and to show my own personal engagement. But I am still getting the feeling that I might get screwed. i know that majority of the IAs already done and each time someone tries to do their own topic, they need to add their own creative spark to make it stand out from the others. I have a feeling if I interchange my dependent and independent variables, I can add my own creative spark. However, I am still scared if I am copying someone's work or not. Could anyone help me out please.

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