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Switching from HL Chem to Art

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Hi guys,

I've been in DP for about 3 months now and have been taking HL Econ, Chem and Bio. My first Chem test is coming up next week and I am completely screwed. My teacher is a nice guy, but he doesn't teach properly ( first few weeks was just him filling in the workbook that he gave us) , or as well as he could in comparison to the other chem teacher that creates powerpoints, teaching videos etc. I have have found Chem so difficult and will have to go through the whole unit again before my test..

Anyways, I only chose Chem because I thought that Hl chem and bio were subjects that Uni's liked and would give me the most opportunities. I know this sounds dumb but it was because I still don't know what I want to study in the future :') So now I'm thinking about switching to HL Art because art was the only subject I enjoyed in MYP, and I'm sure that I will like it more than Chem.

I just wanted to ask everyone about how they feel about my subjects and HL Art. Do Uni's / people look down on Art in general? What kind of career or field could I even go into with my subjects? (If I change to Hl Econ, Bio, Art) Should I even change to art or struggle through chem :P? I don't want to do anything art related in the future, I just enjoy it..


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